General English and IELTS Programme

The General English and IELTS programme is the only programme provided by DELS on the Interim list. DELS will enrol a maximum of 40 students on this course.

* All staff at DELS are both highly qualified and experienced. The teachers designated to the General English and IELTS programme are Fiona McCabe, DOS, BA English and History,  TEFL, plus 20 years experience. Thomas Bonner, B.A (Hons) History and Economics, , PGDip/MA, Cert TEFL and 15 years experience  and Grace Mc Monagle, B.A Hons in English, M.A Journalism, Cert TESOL and 8 years experience.

* Class sizes on the General English and IELTS programme are on average 8 students, though classes may be smaller. The maximum number of students per class is 12.There are 4 classrooms available for students on this programme, however a 5th classroom is available should it be required. Each class will be allocated its own classroom and relevant resources.

* DELS has a wide range of resources including course books, supplementary materials, audio/visual materials and digital materials which are used to facilitate the students’ learning process. Every student has access to the resource materials available along with computer access both in and out of class while on the school premises.

* The students on the General English and IELTS programme are informed before entry that they are required to sit an official end of course examination (IELTS). We are responsible for registration for said exam. 12 weeks before the completion of the course, students are given the application form and all relevant information pertaining to the exam. Teachers assist the students in completing the application form within one week. These are then gathered by the DOS who ensures that all application forms have been received and correctly filled in. The forms are then sent to the examination centre, which then liaises with both ourselves and the students to confirm the dates and times of the oral and written test.Once the students sit the exam, the examining body sends a copy of the results to the student and ourselves. All results are kept on file and entered into the final progress report. We expect all registered students to sit the end of course exam, however, in some extreme cases such as illness, hospitalisation etc, this may not be possible. In such cases, we endeavour to reregister to student in question for the exam at a later date.

* DELS projected recruitment of students on the General English and IELTS programme over the next three years is as follows:

* Year One – 10 Students

* Year Two – 20 Students

* Year Three – 40 Students