Junior Level Test

English - Test your level (Juniors)

You can test just how good your English is with the test below. You will be given 25 grammar questions/15 Vocabulary questions and 10 Reading Questions.

Choose the correct answer for each question. At the end of the test, we will let you know the level you have achieved.

Good luck!

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Category: Personal details

What is your name

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Category: Personal details

What is your email address?

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Category: Grammar

My sister _________.

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Category: Grammar

This is my friend. ____ French

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Category: Grammar

My teacher’s from Canada, and ___ name’s Lisa.

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Category: Grammar

John and Tom are ______ friends.

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Category: Grammar

I ____to Italy for my holiday last year.

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Category: Grammar

 I ____18 years old when I started my first job.

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Category: Grammar

I didn’t ____TV last night.

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Category: Grammar

My grandfather was born eighty years ___.

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Category: Grammar

Sorry, I haven’t got ___ coffee. Is tea OK?

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Category: Grammar

London is ___expensive than New York.

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Category: Grammar

 Alex loves giving presents. He’s very ___.

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Category: Grammar

What’s ___? You look upset.

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Category: Grammar

What ____the food like at the party last night?

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Category: Grammar

 If you want to get fit, you ___do more sport.

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Category: Grammar

Jeff and Nancy ___ to watch a film tonight.

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Category: Grammar

Have you ever ____to Australia?

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Category: Grammar

I’m sure ______a great time at the party next Saturday.

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Category: Grammar

______anything next Friday?

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Category: Grammar

 Excuse me, I _____if you could show me the way to the train station?

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Category: Grammar

In England, people usually ____hands when they first meet.

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Category: Grammar

Hurry up or we’ll _____our train!

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Category: Grammar

The film sounded Interesting, but it ___to be really boring.

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Category: Grammar

This time next week I ____on the beach on holiday!

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Category: Grammar

How often do you have _____?

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Category: Grammar

Andy ____enjoyed backpacking in the foothills of the Himalayas.

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Category: Grammar

The minister was forced to ____a press conference to deny the rumours.

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Category: Grammar

Someone’s taken my mobile! I clearly remember _____it on the table.

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Category: Grammar

I wish I ____ go out this evening. I’d rather stay in and watch a film.

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Category: Grammar

Make sure you’ve had all the necessary injections before going into the jungle, ___ you’ll risk catching tropical diseases.

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Category: Grammar

Many companies are expected ____ out of business during the recession.

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Category: Grammar

_____the summer being so hot, sales of air-conditioners rose.

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Category: Vocabulary

The part of your leg between your knee and ankle is:

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Category: Vocabulary

We are going on a 5 day ______ to Rome.  We’re going to see all the sights!

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Category: Vocabulary

We’d better call an ambulance.  He fell and hit his head and now he is:

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Category: Vocabulary

It takes a long time to get ______ the flu

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Category: Vocabulary

She takes ______ her father

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Category: Vocabulary

I like ____________ classes best

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Category: Vocabulary

They _________ him of stealing the documents

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Category: Vocabulary

We have ________ for a new teacher but haven’t received any responses yet

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Category: Vocabulary

She has taken ____ playing the guitar.

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Category: Reading

Reading test – 10 questions answer True if the statement is correct and False if it is not correct.

Do the following statement agree with the information given in Reading passage ? Answer True, False

Trueif the statement agrees with the information
Falseif the statement contradicts the information

A paranormal experience?


Ghosts, haunted houses, the spirit world or the communication with the dead have fascinated humans since the beginning of their existence. Most people, whether believers or sceptics like myself, find paranormal experiences captivating; you could go on and on listening to these kinds of stories. But the debate lies in whether the allegedly paranormal events that witnesses claim to have experienced are real or not. I personally don’t doubt that many of those people really believe that what they have experienced is a paranormal event –real is what you believe to be real after all.

I myself experienced an event that might be considered paranormal by some. A long time ago, my cousin died unexpectedly and her husband, who is a great ghost sceptic, couldn’t find my cousin’s life insurance policy. One night, my cousin appeared in my dreams. “You smell really bad,” I told her. “Of course I smell bad, I’m dead,” she said. “Anyway, I’m here to tell you where the document my husband is looking for is.” And she told me. The following day, I told my cousin’s husband that I might know where the policy was –I didn’t tell him how I knew, because that would have prevented him looking for it. The thing is that we went to his home and the document was exactly where my dead cousin had told me it would be. Paranormal?

No doubt, it’s very tempting to believe that I actually talked to my dead cousin, and that I have some kind of psychic abilities. That would mean that when we die, we go somewhere in the form of a spirit, which is a nice thing to think, because that means that our soul never dies. But maybe I already knew where that document was, from one of my numerous visits to my cousin’s home, and my mind just reminded me where it was through one of my daily dreams. That’s more likely, and it’s what I am inclined to think happened.

The truth is that there has been so much fraud in the history of the paranormal that it’s difficult to give any validity to the high number of paranormal claims that populate the Internet and the different media. Actually, fraud played a key role in the very foundation of spiritualism, a religious movement based on the belief that the spirits of the dead exist and have both the ability and the inclination to communicate with the living.

The first mediums known in recent history, the Fox sisters, convinced a good part of the American and European society of the 19th century that they could talk with the spirits. They made lots of public demonstrations held before paying audiences and that gave birth to spiritualism, and attracted lots of imitators who also claimed to have the ability to communicate with spirits. But surprisingly, in 1888 Margaret Fox confessed that her abilities were just a fabrication, and showed which tricks she had been using to pretend to be talking to the spirits.

Now, can I really talk with the dead? Well, if you put enough money on the table, I might say ‘yes’, and I might even show you how I do it.


Most people are interested in hearing about paranormal experiences

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Category: Reading

He knew his cousin was going to die.

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Category: Reading

There was a pleasant odour when she appeared

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Category: Reading

He wanted to believe he had talked to his cousin

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Category: Reading

He has psychic abilities

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Category: Reading

It is likely that his mind reminded him of something he already knew

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Category: Reading

We can’t verify the claims that are made of paranormal activity.

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Category: Reading

Spiritualism was founded on falsehood

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Category: Reading

Many people mistrusted the Fox sisters

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Category: Reading

One of the Fox sisters was really able to communicate with spirits.

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