Junior Programmes – Testimonials

I really enjoyed my time here, the coordinators were super nice and always carried out the evening activities really well. This experience was also great for me as I never spoke in my mother tongue having always been encouraged to speak English by both my teachers and coordinators. I also really enjoyed my house on campus, it was incredible. We were always having fun and doing something together.

Alberto, Spain, English & Surfing



For the last two weeks I have been surfing in the afternoons and I liked it a lot, but I wanted to switch it up and try multi activity too. That is what is great about DELS, you learn a lot of English, try different activities and meet new and amazing people from all over the world” – Laia, Spain

This is the first time I have been to Ireland and I love it so much. I am staying with a host family and they take really good care of me while I am away from my own family. I meet so many people and make new friends as well as improving my English, it’s a great experience – Berta, Spain



I want to thank you for a wonderful week Jannik had at your school in Bundoran. He had a lot of fun in Irland and want to come back especially to surf again. Maybe also to speak english, who know’s? 😉
Thank you for your care for Jannik as well.

Bernd Huss, Germany,  English & Surfing,


The Best holiday I ever had.

Uliana Shutko, Russia, English & Riding


Friendly environment. Beautiful.

Davide Decurti, Italy, English & Surfing/Riding


It’s amazing what you guys do for us ! Thank you so much !!

Yasmin Baldan, Germany, English & Multi-Activity


I really enjoyed staying here and would love to come next year again!

Nevena Dimitrova, Germany, English & Riding


The coordinators are really, really nice and the riding too. I love the rooms and houses. I love it here, it is beautiful.

Francesca Schafer, Germany,  English & Riding,


It’s the second time I come back and it’s still really good.  I had a great time here.  Now I have really good friends from all over Europe!  Thank you I had so much fun.

Lucille Bourron, France, English & Surfing,


Of course, I want to tell all my friends about this place.  See you the next time.

Sara Giolo, Italy, English & Multi Activity


Nina is now back at home since Sunday. I would like to thank your team for Nina has absolutely loved it especially the mixing of the European youngsters. She was the whole four weeks very happy in Ireland.
So many thanks and best regards

Ulla Ramm, Germany, English & Riding/Surfing


One of my best experiences.  thank you

Ainara Idiakez Azkarate, Spain, English & Multi Activity


The coordinators were very good! Like the surf staffs and the English teachers.

Aina Inissari, Spain, English & Riding/Surfing 


All the kids came home safe and sound. Moreover, they look delighted, inspired and so very happy! All way home Liza didn’t stop talking about everything she did and all wonderful people she met at DELS. Gina, from all the kids, their parents and me thank you and please send big thanks to all your staff!!!

Elizaveta, Evgeny, Arsenin, English & Multi Activity,


Atmosphere in school and on activities makes people happy, and I think everyone wants to come back here.

Paulina Sadkowska, Poland, English & Riding/Surfing


I had a really great experience, a big thanks to all the staff for made my holiday perfect, I really enjoyed myself.

Martina Paganini, Italy, English & Multi Activity,


I and my family have spent a wonderful holiday. Caterina and Nicola are enthusiastic. Thank you for all. Ps I think we will meet you the next years.

Enrico Ricci, Family Programme


I like the chilled times for breakfast, schools. I have never been stressed by anything, irish atmosphere, landscapes and people are very nice.

Kerstin, Germany, English & Riding


Time passed so quickly and I wanted to write you to thank you for the great time the kids had in Ireland.They were very enthusiastic when they came back and I think they really enjoyed their stay. So thank you and all the staff for your efforts.

Beatrix, Karl, Marie, Josephine and Peter 


Thank you very much for wonderful time our kids spent with you. They are happy about friends, classes, riding and surfing.

Uliana and Petr, Russia,


Dear Gina,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful stay that Astrid and Lucia had in Bundoran. I am so happy that they made it.
They have really enjoyed the life in the cosy cottage and have made lots of new friendships, mostly with the Italians but also with girls of other nationalities, and they were happy to discover that they were actually capable of  speaking with all of them. It has been good for their self-confidence.
The horse-riding was all they had dreamt about. Astrid had so much hoped to go riding at the beach and that happened already on the second day. Also the instructions given when riding at the stables were really good.
She even enjoyed the English lessons, because as she said, “it was so much more fun than at school”, and she has really been enthusiastic about the way the teacher organized the various lessons.
Great food (she told me that your husband even made a birthday cake for Lucia), fun evening activities, super organisation and friendly staff. All in all a splendid experience that she hopes to re-do one day.
Thank you so much and all the best to you, your family and your staff.
Kind regards,

Liff, Giansandro, Lucia and Astrid, Italy, English & Riding


Thank you for a great time here. I’m sad to be going back to Germany now. It was a great experience and I found good friends here and learnt much English. Thanks.

Nike, Germany, English & Riding


I have had a wonderful time in Donegal and especially appreciated Surf, Coloured skies and dolphins !

Isabella, France, English & Surfing


Lovely family, great teacher, perfect stay.  Thank you.

Luca, FCE Exam Preparation


This was my favourite summer of my life. Thank you so much.

Anialen, English & Multi Activity


We’re writing to say thank you and to express gratitude to you and your school. Arina is totally happy that she had the opportunity to be a student in your school. She got new friends, great new experience in English language abroad, and surfing activity!. Thank you so much for such an excellent experience and thank you very much for your hospitality and sympathy. We hope that Arina will visit your school again.

Arina, Inna, Russia, English & Surfing


Thanks for the great job you do ( it probably not always easy)! Hanna enjoyed every minute of the riding and learning! And great choice with her host family

Hanna, Germany, English & Riding


Thank you for the week that Justine spent in Donegal. She is delighted. She spent a lovely week plenty of Irish souvenirs. I will try to take in English to here. Will send for two weeks next year.

Christopher and Justine, France, English & Riding


Thank you very much for all, it was a great experience, very nice excursions, very good teacher, lovely host family.  It was a pleasure to meet you

Jasmin, Switzerland, General English


I would like to thank you for attention, cooperation and dedication in the weeks that our son Txetxu has been with you in Donegal. He has had a great time, made good friends, has improved his spoken English and his surf hours have been great as he  says.
Give  thanks to  you and the rest of your work colleagues. We hope to contact you for next summer.
Txetxu Acha, Spain, English & Surfing


Helena came back here in Paris very well. She had a great time in Bundoran . Thank you Gina, thank you to all the team for helping her to make such good “souvenirs” of her adolescence, Kind regards.

Helena, France, English & Surfing


I’d like you to thanks by the stay of Pablo. He is very happy and entertained. He wants to return next year. I am grateful for the treatment you gave him. Thank you very much for all.

Pablo, Spain, English & Riding


I would just like to thank you again for all your effort and support. Karim had a really good time and was very happy during the 2  weeks. Best regards, Alexandra

Karim, Switzerland, English & Surfing,


Thank you so much for a wonderful week with you. Both me and Sara had a great time, and will remember our stay in beautiful Ireland with happiness. Irish people are the most easy going, happy and including people I’ve ever met.  (Or, maybe I recognize it from my childhood!) You are so very nice! And I enjoyed our energetic teacher. Gosh, I wonder where he gets his “refill” ? He certainly gives out  much positivity to the students.

I hope to see you next year.(I have allready reserved MY room at Ursulas house :-))

Anne Marit and Sara, Norway, General English


I will remember this holidays like one of my best holidays so thank you everybody who did it possible. Thanks for your attention and your sympathy.

Alexandra, English & Surfing


Professeurs d’anglais et monitrices d’équitation très sympas. Des chevaux parfaitement adaptés à tous les cavaliers et aux balades sur la plage. Des paysages magnifiques lors des balades sur la plage ou dans les dunes.

Camille Renard, France, English & Riding


Die Klischees sagen: Dort sind alle Leute rothaarig, gottesfürchtig und überaus nett, verwandeln den Pub in ein verlängertes Wohnzimmer und trotzen dem notorisch schlechten Wetter, indem sie melancholische Lieder singen. Die Rede ist von Irland, der grünen Insel. Sechs Wochen lang (vom 27.04.14 bis 07.06.14) habe ich dort die Schule besucht, um mein Englisch ein bisschen aufzubessern und Land und Leute kennenzulernen.

Klischees, die ich nach dieser Zeit bestätigen kann, sind der häufige Regen (der der Schönheit meines Aufenthalts aber keinen Abbruch tat) und dass die Iren “extra friendly people” sind.

Ich wohnte in Bundoran, einem kleinen Ort direkt an der Westküste Irlands, im County Donegal. Meine Gastfamilie bestand aus den beiden Eltern und 5 Kindern, wovon zwei schon erwachsen sind und nicht mehr zu Hause wohnen. Die ganze Familie nahm mich ausgesprochen herzlich auf und ich fühlte mich gleich wohl dort.

Da ich unter der Woche in die Schule ging – die zwar erst um 9 Uhr anfing, aber auch erst um 4 Uhr endete -, danach Hausaufgaben erledigen musste und in einer vielbeschäftigten Familie gelandet war, die keinen Tag ohne einen Termin verstreichen ließ, wurde es mir nie langweilig. Dem Schulunterricht konnte ich nach kurzer Zeit recht gut folgen – lediglich in “Irisch” hätte ich genausogut auch “Chinesisch” haben können… In meiner Klasse waren alle ausgesprochen offen und nett, so dass ich schnell Freunde fand, mit denen ich mich auch außerhalb der Schule traf. An den Wochenenden fanden entweder Familienfeste statt, in die ich sofort integriert wurde, oder meine Gastfamilie unternahm mit mir Ausflüge. Oft ging ich auch mit der Gasttochter, die in meinem Alter war und mit der ich mich besonders gut verstand, an den Strand, den man von “unserem” Haus aus sehen konnte. Dort spielten wir meist Ball, sammelten Muscheln oder gingen mit dem Hund der Familie spazieren. Ein weiteres Highlight meines Aufenthalts war, dass ich auf den Pferden eines nahe gelegenen Reitstalls Ausritte am Strand unternehmen konnte.

So verging die Zeit wie im Flug. Ich habe eine unvergessliche Erfahrung gemacht, wunderbare Leute kennengelernt…. und ganz nebenbei mein Englisch verbessert. 🙂

Sandra Schmidt Tauscher, Germany


Ringrazio innanzi tutto per l’ottima accoglienza e per la gentilezza ricevuta.  Mi auguro di poterla ancora contattare per il prossimo anno.

Chiara, Italy, English & Surfing


(A lovely testimonial from an Italian parent  to another parent considering DELS, who had sent her daughter to us three times already:)

“Sofy  ha soggiornato per ben tre anni di seguito a Donegal, il primo anno siccome era decisamente piccola (10 anni) l’ho accompagnata personalmente e ho soggiornato a Donegal per verificare la location e la qualità dei servizi offerti. Il risultato e’ stato oltremodo positivo, Sofy ha soggiornato nel residence riservato, sono piccoli cottage a due piani con alcune camere da letto dove dormono in due Max tre x camera, hanno chi riordina e pulisce la camera. Anche il vitto e’ buono ( compatibilmente con lo standard anglosassone ), e la struttura che li ospita e’ buona. La stabile e’ di un buon livello con corsi differenziati, fanno percorso in campo e a turni vanno anche a fare passeggiate e galoppate sulla spiaggia, che manda davvero in visibilio le ragazze. Il centro ippico non e’ particolarmente grande e dista 10 minuti dal residence ma vengono accompagnate con il pulmino sia all’ andata che al ritorno. Ho preferito sempre la sistemazione in residence perché sono più sicura, ho vissuto per anni in Inghilterra e soggiornato molte volte in famiglia e proprio per questo preferisco che mia figlia soggiorni per quanto possibile con altri ragazzi di norma stranieri in cottage. Lo scorso anno Sofy e’ stata male un paio di giorni ed e’ stata assistita molto bene dallo staff. Di norma consigliano loro il periodo proficuo anche sulla base dell’eta . Il corso di lingue e’ discreto, interessante e i giudizi finali sono sempre esposti con partecipazione e approfondimento psicologico individuale, le piu’ belle parole su mia figlia, e anche molto azzeccate , le ho proprio lette nei loro report, altro che dai maestri e prof ! Il ricevimento a Dublino e’ molto efficiente all’uscita dal gate, chiedere a Gina direttamente per conoscere se altri italiani viaggiano sullo stesso volo e dunque “fare gruppo” anche al meeting point. Il transfer dura tre ore, by bus, e’ lunghetto, ma fanno un break ed e’ l’occasione per conoscersi meglio. Gina ha figlie una delle quali partecipa all’organizzazione e gestione del soggiorno, sa Sempre consigliare in modo giusto anche su piccole criticità quotidiane. So che il sabato fanno visite e shopping in un centro commerciale  e si divertono, trascorrono ogni serata con iniziative diverse, ma sempre a loro misura, giochi, bowling nel paesino minuscolo, o provano surf . Sofy si e’ sempre trovata molto bene e io di persona ho constato una buona organizzazione, abbastanza spartana ( ripeto sono anglosassoni ) ma efficace. Puoi far lavare la biancheria una volta a settimana e meglio se cifri tutto, comunque fanno lavatrici separate, se doti la ragazza di un sacchetto a rete e’ più facile far fare il bucato. Tranquillo per il meeting point, sono molto efficienti, in ogni caso tua figlia avrà ogni riferimento cellulare dell’ autista e dunque qualsiasi inconveniente può essere risolto . In quel periodo poi l’ aeroporto ospita prevalentemente italiani in viaggio studio. Sicuramente già  a Malpensa o linate accompagnando tua figlia con molto anticipo, e’ delirio puro…. , puoi cercare di riconoscere altre amazzoni….!  per qualsiasi altro dubbio scrivimi pure. Ricordati, se e’ la prima esperienza in irlanda ( gli irlandesi a differenza degli inglesi sono piu socievoli e vicini a noi latini, davvero ottime persone, ospitali e bere friendly) che piove spesso, e’ umido e ovviamente occorrono ricambi per una settimana almeno, anche qualcosa in più. Non esitare a contattarmi, e se credi Sofy e tua figlia potranno scambiarsi qualche consiglio, Sofy ora ha 13 anni e monta da quando ne aveva 6, ho sempre apprezzato a Donegal che i corsi di horse riding sono a misura, non di eccellenza sportiva agonistica, ma con tanta attenzione all’effettivo livello singolo. Non credo che tradurro’ tutto quanto per  Gina, Ma spero di aver reso a te l’idea di Donegal . Sappi che Donegal e’ molto carina, loro sono decentrati in un piccolissimo paesino  limitrofo tranquillissimo dove il 70% sono giovani studenti stranieri, almeno d’estate. Il surf e’ ben organizzato e si divertono anche solo a provarlo. in bocca al lupo.

Adelaide, Italy, English & Riding