Junior Programmes – Testimonials

I really enjoyed my time here, the coordinators were super nice and always carried out the evening activities really well. This experience was also great for me as I never spoke in my mother tongue having always been encouraged to speak English by both my teachers and coordinators. I also really enjoyed my house on campus, it was incredible. We were always having fun and doing something together. – Alberto, Spain, English & Surfing





For the last two weeks I have been surfing in the afternoons and I liked it a lot, but I wanted to switch it up and try multi activity too. That is what is great about DELS, you learn a lot of English, try different activities and meet new and amazing people from all over the world” – Laia, Spain







A mes yeux DELS est le parfait environnement pour apprendre l’ anglais. Arrivée la première fois avec un niveau A1 j’ entame aujourd’ hui ma deuxième année de licence d’ anglais grace a mes séjours là bas. Les paysages irlandais sont grandioses. L’ équipe et la cavalerie du centre équestre, ainsi que leurs installations et les activités qu’ ils proposent, sont idéales. L’ école elle-même est ce qui me fait revenir chaque année. Que ce soit pour les Juniors ou les Adultes, Gina, Mark, les coordinateurs et les professeurs forment une équipe attentionnée et chaleureuse. Les logements sont très confortables, la nourriture est bonne (surtout les desserts!), les activités du soirs et les sorties du week end sont toujours divertissantes et prétextes à nous faire découvrir la culture irlandaise et les paysages fantastiques de la côte atlantique. C’est vraiment une belle aventure à vivre et de très bon souvenirs à créer – Coline, France, English & Horse Riding




A message we received in Dec, 2019: Almost  5 years ago and it was the best time of my life until now! I learned so much during my time with you – such important things for my life and I will be forever grateful for that.
Sven and I are still friends and we still continue to see us as often as possible. Thank you so much for bringing us together! It’s such a special atmosphere over there where you have to fall in love or find a lifetime friend 😉 – Taleah, Switzerland, General English





This is the first time I have been to Ireland and I love it so much. I am staying with a host family and they take really good care of me while I am away from my own family. I meet so many people and make new friends as well as improving my English, it’s a great experience – Berta, Spain

I want to thank you for a wonderful week Jannik had at your school in Bundoran. He had a lot of fun in Irland and want to come back especially to surf again. Maybe also to speak english, who know’s? Thank you for your care for Jannik as well.

Bernd Huss, Germany,  English & Surfing,

The Best holiday I ever had, thank you.

Uliana Shutko, Russia, English & Riding

It’s amazing what you guys do for us ! Thank you so much !!

Yasmin Baldan, Germany, English & Multi-Activity

I really enjoyed staying here and would love to come next year again!

Nevena Dimitrova, Germany, English & Riding

The coordinators are really, really nice and the riding too. I love the rooms and houses. I love it here, it is beautiful.

Francesca Schafer, Germany,  English & Riding,

It’s the second time I come back and it’s still really good.  I had a great time here.  Now I have really good friends from all over Europe!  Thank you I had so much fun.

Lucille Bourron, France, English & Surfing,

Thank you very much for wonderful days we spent in DELS.
Every year we stay with you we are more and more happy !Also many thanks for all our friends who joined us this year. We hope to come next year not less than 3 weeks with friends. On our way back we spent nice day walking through Dublin. Thank you very much!!
Evgeny Shutko, Russia, General English

It was amazing.  I enjoyed a lot of my holidays, I am sure I’ll come back again.  I fell in love with Ireland.
Silvia Segura Hofbauer, Spain, General English & Riding

I really want to thank you and your whole team for the wonderful stay I had in Bundoran. I enjoyed everything, particularly the English lessons and riding lessons. I would like you, if you don’t mind, to give a special thank to Fiona, the riding teacher, who reassured me about my riding level. The accommodation was really nice and everybody was kind with us. I’ve been saving money for a long time and I still have a bank loan to pay this trip but I have no regrets : I did have a great time in Ireland.
Léa Brenière, France, English and Riding

Dear Gina,
Thank you and Mark very much for everything. For perfect organisation, vegan meal (was delicious), enjoyable accomodation and school, amazing trips… It was really nice time in Bundoran.
Alena Plechata, Czech Republic, English & Hillwalking

I greatly enjoyed my stay here and I’d really love to come back next year to have the Hill Walking Activity.
Luisia Ziliani, Italy, Intensive English

I’m very satisfied with my stay and with my course.I appreciated to work with Fiona,she is very nice and very professional.She knew how to put itself in our levels and to make us progress. Thank You.
Ester Lacroix, France, General English

Excellent course indeed. I truly think that the teacher has a crucial role in the student learning once he/she motivates the student to find alternative ways (which are lots by the way!) in order to complete this learning experience. The huge majority of my English knowledge is due to this course which I feel really grateful. In fact, I’m going to take this as a consolidate root to improve even more day-by-day. Just remembering that there’s always room for improvement! Cheers!
Miriane, Brazil, IELTS Preparation

Thank you and Mark so very much for this nice 2 weeks! I hope I can back to Ireland as soon as possible! Special thanks to Gavin for the nature exploration! This was the best excursion during this 2 week, I, Arina, Manuel and Aurore had so much fun. Goodbye!
Joel Baschung, Switzerland, Intensive English

This experience was amazing for me.  Thank you for everything, I am much better than before, I will keep studying English. Anyway, thanks a lot.
Rui, Japan, General English.

It is amazing here in Bundoran, I would like to stay much longer.  All coordinators were excellent.  Mark you are a really good host, and Gina thanks for your good organisation.  Finally a big thanks to all of you.  Special thanks to April.  P.s. I hope I can come back.
Silvan Klossner, Switzerland, General English