• 30+ Years of Experience
  • Expert English Teachers
  • Great Nationality Mix
  • Affordable Pricing

From €635

This course includes:

  • 15 hours of English language classes per week with professional, native teachers
  • Choice of Host Family and Residential accommodation
  • Preparation for work placement and interview before arrival to Ireland
  • Continuous support throughout programme with specialist coordinator
  • Evening Activities
  • Certificate of completion and paper work necessary for Erasmus funding
  • 24/7 emergency contact in case of emergency

English and Work Experience

The English and Work Experience Programme is the ideal way for students to further improve their English language level and gain experience working in an international setting. Offering a combination of English language classes and work experience, students will have an excellent immersion programme that will leave them with not only an improved level of English, but also a real life experience in a new European country. We support both Erasmus + and Alternanza Scuola – Lavoro

We offer work placements in the following settings

Hotel & Restaurants, Agricultural, Retail, Administration/Office Support, Volunteering, Care Worker, Education and Fitness

Who is this course for?

  • Students aged 18+ years old and over.
  • The candidate should be flexible, open-minded, hard-working, independent, flexible,  and outgoing.
  • The candidate should have a B1 or higher level of English
  • Someone who is interested in other cultures and living abroad.


  • All necessary paperwork is carried out by Donegal English Language School.
  • Students must study a minimum of 15 hours of English to avail of the programme.
  • Students must complete a simple C.V and online interview with the Course Coordinator before arrival to Ireland in order to allocate the student in the best possible work place.
  • Work hours are decided by the employer and may include weekend work with time off during the week
  • Students are briefed on their first day and prepared for entering the Irish work place.
  • The student will get experience of real working life in Ireland while receiving valuable support with their coordinator.
  • The English language training element of this programme begins every Monday March to October (except when a public holiday occurs on a Monday).
  • Important * Work placement depends of level of English *Work times are decided by employer * All students will take a language course as part of the programme

Sample timetable of week one of the work placement programme

Wk 1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
08.00 am HF/Res HF/Res HF/Res HF/Res HF/Res HF/Res
Adults             9.15 am – 12.30 pm Excursion Option available most Saturdays
Pre Test in advance of arrival
class English English English English
2 pm – 6 pm Work Experience Work Experience Work Experience Work Experience Work Experience
Evening Activities Fairy Bridge Walk Traditional Irish Music Session


  • Telephone interview may be required
  • Course and accommodation organised to suit confirmed internship
  • Course and accommodation details provided to student in advance

Internship Start

  • Support and mentoring throughout internship
  • Social activities organised
  • Assistance with work, school or general paperwork

  • 30+ Years of Experience
  • Expert English Teachers
  • Great Nationality Mix
  • Affordable Pricing