Heyyy everyone!

Here in Ireland, we are coming into autumn, one of my favourite seasons.  Shorter days and cooler weather means more excuses to shop for cozy sweaters and chill out in the evenings – win, win 😉 

We have had a busy month in school, mainly because we made the decision to change our curriculum.  The main benefit of our new approach is that it is very communicative, using mostly authentic materials.  The articles and video clips we used in class were thought-provoking and on many occasions we found ourselves researching to answer the questions which had emerged in class. This was exactly the intention – we wanted to find topics that engaged students and therefore facilitated conversation as much as possible.  The topic of the month was ‘Environment’, and we also had the opportunity to meet a member of the local council to ask her questions about her role.  This meeting took place with all students currently in class, and sparked a lively discussion about a variety of local issues.

One piece of good news that we received this month was that we will be able to accept students from abroad again.  We are very much looking forward to welcoming some new faces and helping you to take the next step in your English language learning journey.

On that note, here is my top pick for ‘website of the month’:


This website is excellent for practicing your listening, and great if you enjoy listening to music in particular! You can choose a song, a level, and it will automatically generate gaps that you need to fill in as you listen.  There is a time limit, but you can continue without this as well!


Happy listening 🙂


photo credit @giulia_bertelli & ANGELA BENITO