Learning English – website recommendations from our teachers

Recommended resources

Our teachers have recommended a few sites to make learning English a little easier.

An app I’d recommend this month is ‘Elsa speak’. It is great for practicing pronunciation. The app gives you phrases to say (for example, focusing on linking sounds) and when you repeat them, the app tells you how ‘native’ you sound. I sounded 98% native so let’s see if you can beat me 😅

ELLLO This website has some fantastic listening practice activities, using a variety of different accents.  Our top tip is to choose videos with the accent you find most difficult.  We all like a challenge, right??

youglish  This website is particularly good for pronunciation practice – you can type in a word or phrase, and it will give you a selection of video clips containing the words you have chosen.  You can hear a variety of accents this way and listen to how the word or phrase is pronounced in natural English, at a natural pace.  It also helps you to see how the word is used in context, giving you ideas for working it into your own conversations.

www.test-english.com. Everything is divided by level, and you can choose to work on grammar, reading, listening, writing or Use of English.  I particularly like how it gives explanations along with corrections, so students who decide to use it for independent study can know exactly why something is right or wrong.

www.conversationexchange.com   A great resource where students can practice their English through connecting with a pen pal or meeting up with native speakers in the area they are in

www.vocabulary.com  A fantastic dictionary with an adaptive learning game that will help the student master new words in no time.