Donegal often called the “forgotten county?” is one of Ireland’s most beautiful counties.  We have put together some interesting facts for anyone visiting the area.

Donegal is situated in the north-west of Ireland and is surrounded by 5 counties  including Sligo, Leitrim,  Derry, Tyrone and Fermanagh making it a perfect platform to explore some hidden beauties.

The County has six hundred and fifty kilometres of rugged coastline and sandy beaches to explore

Tory Island off of Donegal has a King. This is a unique tradition that does not exist anywhere else in Ireland. The current Rí Thoraí (Irish for King of Tory) is painter Patsaí Dan Mac Ruaidhrí (Patsy Dan Rodgers in English). The king has no formal powers; though duties include being a spokesperson for the island community and welcoming people to the island. The total population of the Island is under 200.

Donegal has the second-largest Gaeltacht(where Irish is the first language) area in the whole of Ireland

Some famous people that have hailed from Donegal include the world famour singer Enya, the renowned trad group Clannad, country and western crooner Daniel O Donnnell, rock legend Rory Gallagher and for those of literary interest the poet William Allingham.

All in all Donegal is a great place to visit while on holidays in Ireland