April is our Activity Manger and has also been a Student Coordinators at DELS, Find out all about her and her job.

AprilHow long have you been working at the school and how did you get involved with it?

I worked with DELS first as a Student Coordinator and then progressed to Activity Manager in my second summer. I first heard about the position through an ad on the internet. After researching the webpage and Facebook page I submitted my CV, was called for an interview and was offered a position!

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

I have a huge interest in Theatre and Music. When I’m not working I’m usually reciting script and practicing singing whether on stage or at home in the the shower!

tullan strand beachIs there a favourite place in Bundoran you like to go?

Besides the obvious 20-something-year-old answer of “the pubs for the banter”, I really enjoy going to Tullan Strand. It’s the perfect spot to take a long walk either along the cliff where you can see the surfers dropping in on some incredible waves, or on the beach itself where there’s a good chance you feel the whoosh of air as a horse and rider pass.

april 2What makes DELS different to any other language school in Ireland or specifically Dublin for example?

Individuality, in both what we offer and how we treat our clients. We are individual in the sense that we offer such a unique experience using the facilities located on our doorstep; beautiful beaches to suit beginner to advanced surfers, riding yards and trails with beautiful scenery and a blend of staff with varying interests and expertise to ensure your stay suits your needs.

We treat our clients as individually as we can, tailoring programmes and activities to suit the interests of the group participating each week. You are known here by name as opposed to a number. We encourage input from our clients and because of this our staff and clients very often connect on a deeper level than just service/customer but on a friendship level that I have witnessed last for summer upon summer.