English Classes


Established in 1989, Donegal English Language School has a wealth of experience working with various clients from a diverse range of cultures and nationalities. This experience ensures that we provide a world-class service, helping us to offer:

  • Fully qualified and highly motivated staff.
  • A relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere for students to learn and progress
  • A proven methodology to ensure the best learning outcomes
  • Support and assistance to students at all times.

The school offers stunning views of the Atlantic Coast and Donegal Bay from most classrooms.

On the first day of class students on short-term courses take an Oxford Placement test.  Students on the long-term courses take a combination of Oxford and IELTS. The grade from the test will allow the student to be placed in a class appropriate to their level.  On Day 2, students are placed into classes according to their assessed level

The syllabus has been developed specifically to engage students so that they learn not only through teacher instructions but also by doing, sharing their thoughts, ideas and stories with students from all over the world. The Syllabus is regularly updated to reflect feedback received from our students, academic staff, agents and group leaders in order to ensure the best English standards.

Read more on our adult programme here. Read more on our junior programmes here.

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