Adult English and Surf Information Pack

Firstly, we would like to thank you for choosing DELS for your English Language and Adventure holiday.  Please find below further information on your stay.

What to bring

As much as we love our green country the weather can be unpredictable so we recommend the following items 

  • Water Bottle – It is possible to drink the water from the taps in Ireland
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Two swimshorts/swimsuits
  • Three pin adaptor (for charging phone lap top etc)
  • Lock for your suitcase
  • Photocopy of passport to be kept separate to your passport (in case of loss)
  • One towel.  A towel is provided but it is recommended to take an extra towel
  • Warm clothes i.e. jumpers, jackets

For Class & School

  • A copybook and pens
  • A device – some classes are digital so please bring a phone/laptop

Classes typically start @ 9.15 am.  We will notify you on time of arrival

There are hairdryers on campus.  They are located in the coordinator room.

What to Expect – Surfing

 About our Surf Centre

We offer quality coaching with experienced, qualified, local surfers.  Our aim is to ensure your surfing skills progress in a fun and safe environment. We believe we can help you achieve your surfing goals by keeping groups small and providing personal attention to each student. Regular feedback is always given to students to ensure progression. We have a range of different boards for you to try, so you can progress

  • all sizes of boards from 5’11 up to 9 foot
  • 4/2 mm – 5/3 mm wetsuits and 3mm boots provided. Gloves, and hoods can be provided on request.
  • changing rooms, hot showers and post surf hot chocolate provided
  • 4 surf spots within a short driving distance
  • surf shop with 10% discount exclusive to Donegal English Language School students. (does not include Surf Co, own brand t-shirts and hoodies).

Our lessons are broken into two categories:


This is an introduction course to surfing. We work on the correct techniques to position on the board, paddle, getting through the waves and stand up. At this level our goal is to get you surfing the white water on your own, with a basic knowledge of currents, etiquette and technique. Ratio of students to instructor 1:8 max. We use a range of beginner soft boards from 7 foot to 9 foot.

Intermediate: Students focus on surfing techniques such as effective paddling, wave knowledge and selection, take off and bottom turning, trimming and duck diving. The courses also focus on surfing etiquette. We use video analysis to correct faults when appropriate. Ratio of students to instructor 1:8 max. We use a range of Torq intermediate soft top boards from 5’11 to 7’6.

General Information


School Address: Donegal English Language School, West End, Bundoran, Co Donegal

Contact Number: 00353 719 84 12 88 / 00353 876 00 82 05

Arrival is anytime after 4 pm.

Local area maps

Bundoran Town map

Bundoran Area map


Laundry facilities are available in the residential centre.  Please arrange a day once a week with your homestay for laundry.


WIFI is available at the language school, residential centre and is also available in most host families.

Bank Holidays

On Bank holiday Mondays (17 March, 18 April, 2 May, 6 June,& 31 October 2022), there will be no English classes, students are offered an excursion/activity in place).  On 1 August, the school is open as normal.


It is compulsory to have a European Health Insurance Card.  This is free for all European countries and will cover any doctor or hospital appointments in the case of any medical issues.  It is also compulsory for all clients to have travel insurance.  For all non-European Citizens please take out private medical and travel insurance.

Residential Accommodation

Our residential accommodation is situated less than one minutes’ walk from the Atlantic coast, 5 minutes from the language school and 5 minutes’ walk from the town centre.  Both houses have private and shared rooms, as well as self-catering facilities.

Continental breakfast seven mornings per week and lunch Monday to Friday is included on the English and Activity programmes, dinner is not included.  Our Residential accommodation is self-catering and Students are offered a double/twin/triple room.   A private room can also be offered at an additional fee.


Details of your host are typically emailed to you around two weeks before arrival. Breakfast and dinner is included in your accommodation package.  If you are not within walking distance of the school, your host will bring you each morning and you can then walk home or we have bikes on a first come first served basis.

Holiday Home or Apartments

Meals are not included in holiday home or apartment booking.  Please refer to the booking agent for more details on this type of accommodation. 

Social Activity programme

Most social activity fees are included in the overall price. Some entry fees are not included, you will be notified in advance of these fees. The excursion fees are not included in the price. We offer discounted fees for anyone enrolled on a course.

Important Travel Documents

Here is important information when travelling to Ireland with children under 18.  Please click here.

Please ensure that your son/daughter/student is travelling with the necessary documents.


If opting for collection from Dublin airport

We are based 3 hours and 25 minutes by bus from Dublin airport.  For this reason, we group transfers together.  Typically, we have 2/3 buses at the airport on Sundays, this depends on arrival and departure times and number of students arriving.

The shared transfers are based on arrivals between 11 am – 6 pm and departures between 11 am – 6 pm.  Students will typically have a 1 – 3 hour wait before the bus leaves the airport.  These times may vary if there are flight delays, lost luggage by airlines etc.

Please also note that for departures, if you flight is before 1.30-2 pm, you will leave Bundoran around 4.30 am in the morning, this allows for adequate check in time at the airport (you need a minimum of three hours check in time in the summer) and then 3.25 hours to reach Dublin. 

Collection: On entrance of arrivals in Terminal 1 please make your way over to the right.  You will see a sign saying Meeting point.  Under or around this sign will be a Donegal Language School representative waiting to meet you with a Donegal English Language School Sign(see below).


If you are flying into Terminal 2 (Aer Lingus) please make your way to the right and one of our representatives will be there to meet you.

They will have a sign showing the DELS LOGO

 Airport sign will look like this


If opting for public bus from Dublin airport

There is a direct bus from Dublin airport to Ballyshannon every two hours. To arrive at the bus stop, walk out of arrivals from terminal 1 and cross the road, go through the tunnel and you will see a spar shop on your left, walk outside and to the left is the bus stop. Please go to zone noted beside Dublin Airport on this link. We then offer free transfers from Ballyshannon to Bundoran between 10.00 am and 8.00 pm daily. for transfers between 8-10 pm we can arrange a taxi for you. The taxi fee is around € 15  Transfers between 10pm and 10 am are very difficult and in most cases impossible as taxi drivers may not be working after 10 pm.

If we are collecting you from the bus in Ballyshannon, please send us an SMS to 0035 387 600 82 05 once you get on the bus in Dublin and then again when the bus reaches Enniskillen. It is really important that you do this as sometimes the bus is late and it ensures that our driver is not waiting a long time to collect you.

Boarding Cards

Please put the airline app on your phone and you can then check in online prior to arrival and departure.  If you need boarding cards to be printed, please email info@ before 4 pm on Friday evening. Please note that the office email addresses are not manned after 5 pm on Friday evening.  If received after 4 pm, we will not be able to print for you. 

If travelling by car

  • Please phone on 00353876008205 when you arrive in Sligo/Enniskillen (30 – 40 minutes before your arrival in Bundoran) so I can arrange for someone to meet you at the centre and show you the accommodation.
  • The address is Donegal English Language School, West End, Bundoran.  Our GPS directions are 54.4773° N, 8.2996°

Arrival is anytime from 4 pm onwards

What happens on my first day?

Arrivals for students are generally on a Sunday.  All students are welcomed and shown to their accommodation followed by a short introductory meeting. This meeting will go through the first day and any questions that may arise. On the first day of school, students take a test covering reading, writing, listening and speaking to ensure that they are placed in a level most suitable to them.

If the students have opted for one of the activity packages, their chosen sport takes place in the afternoon/morning. Student Coordinators are on hand to help and assist all students through their first day.

Please click on the links to log on to facebook or instagram for regular updates on campus life @ DELS.

Useful Surf Terms

Rip – current going out to sea.

Duck dive – going under the wave.

Turning on the rail – generating speed on a board by turning the board from one side to the other.

Pop up – going from lying down to upright position on the board in one movement.

Booties – neoprene shoes to keep you warm.

Wettie – neoprene wetsuit to keep you warm.

Rashy – coloured lycra shirt worn over your wettie to identify you.

Wax – sticky substance for rubbing on the board for grip.

Out the back – common term for the part of the ocean beyond the breaking waves i.e. “I got so smashed paddling out that I couldn’t make it out the back.”

Bomb – word used to describe a good wave. i.e. “I just got a bomb” or “There are a couple of bombs out the back.”

Reform – a wave that breaks out the back and then reforms close to the shore and breaks again, quite good for intermediate surfers.

Grommet/grom – name given to young surfers.

Glassy – name referring to the condition of the waves and/or ocean when there is no wind and the surface of the water takes on a glass like appearance i.e. “After the rain it just went super glassy and fun.”

Choppy – name referring to the texture of the water usually when it’s windy or big i.e. “The waves weren’t good today. It was too choppy.”

Messy – when waves are not lined up, opposite to clean.

Clean – when the waves are nice and lined up usually accompanied with offshore wind.

Offshore – when the wind blows from land to sea making the waves clean. This can also produce good barrels. Sometimes if the offshore is strong it can make it choppy.

Onshore – when the wind blows from the sea into the land making conditions messy and choppy and generally not that good for surfers. This can be fun sometimes.

Cross shore – when wind blows across the shore, different combinations can occur i.e. cross onshore, cross offshore.

Whitewash – referring to the wave after it has broken. Most beginners will start by catching the whitewash.

Green wave/unbroken wave – referring to the wave before it has broken

Righthander – a wave that breaks to the right (if you’re looking back to the beach).

Lefthander – a wave that breaks to the left (if you’re looking back to the beach).

Close out – a wave the breaks all at once offering no shoulder to surf, not good for surfers.

Goofy footer – a surfer that rides the wave with his/her right foot forward.

Regular/natural footer– surfer that rides with his/her left foot forward.

Weak – when waves have no power.

Strong – when waves have a lot of power. Currents and wind can also be referred to as strong.

Leggie/leash/legrope – the plastic cord that joins you to your surfboard, commonly worn on your back foot, essential piece of equipment when starting out.

Wipeout– when you fall off the wave.


Looking forward to meeting you

Kind regards, Gina and all the staff.