1. Lower living costs

A super advantage of studying in Bundoran is the cost of living, an important item that you should take into  consideration before deciding where you will go. Compared to popular destinations like Dublin, Cork and Galway, the inner counties have much lower rent and Bundoran is proof of that. While in Dublin the average monthly rent can reach 1290.00 euros, here you have an apartment for less than 500 euros. You also have 100% savings in the cost of transportation, since you walk everywhere. The minimum wage in the country is always applied to all jobs, so ultimately you will be left with more money in your pocket. So this is the topic that tops our list of reasons you choose Bundoran as your destination city.

2. Interaction with the local people

Living here you get a real immersion into the Irish community. Unlike big cities, in Bundoran, for example, everyone knows everyone else and you will also be very well received by locals. Do not be surprised if when walking down the street, people greet you with Good morning, or talk to you. From the butcher, the postman and the takeaway attendant, everyone is very receptive and willing to learn more about you, thus creating a greater opportunity to practice English with the natives, and the opportunity to know the local cultural background. In a few days you will feel at home.

3. Feel really safe

Security is another point that we cannot fail to mention. Theft and the like will not be part of your vocabulary exchange this side of the Island. Forget those cases of bike theft, or gangs snatching cell phones in the streets, this is not a reality here where almost everyone knows everyone. Surfers for example, leave their cars with the keys on top of the tire to go surfing or their bikes without any lock.


4. Study in a school that really values ​​its students

We choose to study in Donegal English Language School because it has a great structure for their students, and we are all treated like family. What we also noted at the outset is that the goal of the school is not just the generation of profit. The teachers are highly qualified, the groups are small and multicultural. On weekends, tours are offered that in most cases, are already included in the course fee, which facilitates the interaction between the students and at the same time allows us to get to know more places in Ireland. Like a trail to see the sunset on the beach, play a bowling alley in a late afternoon or even risk Poker with your classmates are just some of the various activities that the school offers.


5. Entertainment

The surf is very famous here, but this is not the only attraction. Bundoran has sports for all tastes: kayak, climbing, biking, hiking. If you are a sporty person and love to enjoy outdoor adventures, this is the place for you! Waterworld water park also leaves nothing to be desired for those to enjoy a day of fun. The heated pools make a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

6. Arranging a job is easier

Being a major tourist town; hotels, restaurants, pubs and other entertainment are present here. So, finding a job is not a very complicated task. Some students also venture into places in Nursing Homes and Au pair work. Another key point is the assistance that the school provides for you to find your first job.

7. Know the famous Wild Atlantic Way

Of course we can’t forget to mention the Wild Atlantic Way, which has breathtaking landscapes . Surely you will not want to miss a walk around the cliffs and close the day with a view of a beautiful sunset.

8. Live in a city with few Brazilians

Brazilians in Bundoran? There aren’t many. Not to find someone who speaks your language and have friends with whom to share the same experience isn’t that much fun, but you have changed you whole life to be here to practice English and not Portuguese, have you not? I see many people re-thinking of coming to Ireland because of the number of Brazilians, but that is not a reality here. The hint is to come to Bundoran!

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