2022 is here! Wishing you all a healthy and happy year, from everyone at Donegal English Language School 🥰

At this time of year, people often set goals for the year ahead, but actually this is something we can do for our language learning at any point in our journey. Here, we encourage students to set English language learning goals on a monthly basis, as well as taking time to reflect upon the goals set the month before. The key to making these goals is to ensure they’re measurable and achievable — so saying that you want to ‘improve’ your English isn’t specific enough. Think about how you’ll know if you’ve improved. Will you be able to talk to your boss? Will you be able to tell a joke in English? Will you be able to watch a movie without subtitles? Set your goals depending on your individual situation and your own targets and remember not to compare them with others — every learner is different!  Do you have any language learning goals for 2022? We’d love to hear them 😍

We have a lot of plans for 2022 — more students, new topics, new technology, and of course continual teacher development to keep up to date with the best methodology in language teaching. We hope you’ll join us along the way!

Elsa speakAn app I’d recommend this month is ‘Elsa speak’. It is great for practicing pronunciation. The app gives you phrases to say (for example, focusing on linking sounds) and when you repeat them, the app tells you how ‘native’ you sound. I sounded 98% native so let’s see if you can beat me 😅