We are getting very excited here at Donegal English Language School with only a few days until Christmas. It’s a magical time of the year with quite a few traditions too. Below are our favourites.

Christmas Day Swim

Every year without fail a selection of the local community in Bundoran like to head to the beach, stip-off and take a dip – crazy or what!!





xmas lightsChristmas decorations in Ireland were traditionally just a wreath of holly on the frontdoor of the house but these days everyone puts up a Christmas tree in their home with fairy lights and decorations. Check out one of the many houses you will see dotted around Ireland.

Christmas Carols

carols around tree

Local choirs gather around the Christmas tree to sing Christmas carols usually on Christmas eve, it’s a magical time and if we are lucky this year we might even get a sprinkle of snow.



Family returning home

welcome homeMost Irish homes have a family member how lives abroad but Christmas is traditionally the time of the year when everyone comes home. Family is the most important thing to the Irish making this time of the year that bit more special.

Christmas Jumpers

Most Irish people will have received for Christmas an awful jumper that had in some cases been hand-knitted by an aunty, grandmother or mother but in recent years these have become very trendy — the more ridiculously decorated the better!

Have a wonderful Christmas from everyone at Donegal English Language School.


Images — Discover Bundoran, Irish Times