Hi, my name is Sara Tonini, I’m 18 years old and I study business & international relationships for marketing at ITE TOSI in Italy. I’m in Ireland because of an Erasmus programme that my school has organised for us. In this blog I’m going to let you see how much I learnt during my work experience in Donegal English Language school.












On November 10th me and my classmates landed in Ireland, a place where almost none of us had ever been to but we were all so excited to do this experience together.








Day 1


The first day here in Bundoran we got to see where we would work. The places seemed so interesting, personally I was looking forward to starting my Erasmus work experience in the Language school!

In the afternoon Ryan introduced us to a bit of Irish culture and the food was so different from what I usually eat in Italy, but it was fun to taste new meals and flavor. After that he showed us the coast and the landscape of this beautiful town. There was only a thing I didn’t like: THE RAINY WIND!







Day 2

My first day working was amazing because I got to assist one of the conversation lessons in the English language school and in the afternoon, I started doing my first two Instagram post for DELS’ and I really loved every single minute of it, after work everyone went to bed early because the next day Dublin was waiting for us, but not before one of my friends, Stefano blew his birthday candles.









Day 3

The third day was the “trip day” and we got up early to take the minibus for Dublin. The trip was 3 hours long, but we kept ourselves busy with music and a nap 😉. During the day we saw the Trinity college library (that was one of my favorite things in Dublin), Molly Malone Statue, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and of course we went shopping. I got a lot of souvenirs for my family and at the trinity college gift shop my friends and I bought the same hoodie. After that we got home but first, we had a stop at McDonald’s.











 Day 4

We decided to have an easy day because we were all tired from the trips of the previous day, so we went out just in the afternoon. We went for a long walk, and we had an amazing view all the time! Unfortunately, we had to go back home because of the rain but the Bundoran landscape did not disappoint us.



Day 5

Another week started at work, and I did other Instagram posts and had a new assignment: update the web site with all the other languages, it was very interesting to do because I had no idea how to do it, so I was so happy to archive a new skill. After work we went out for a hot chocolate, and this improve a day that was already going well.






Day 6

On Tuesday I did a lot of activities and for this reason I was so exited to call my family and my boyfriend and tell everything about that!

In the morning I finished what I was doing with the website, I compile some certificates, I did my first reel about the secret beach, and I made a post with the picture of my Erasmus group.

In the evening we had the Egg game, my group lost but it was so fun trying to make the best capsule for the egg! After that it was my turn to make dinner so me and my group-mate did tuna pasta. It was delicious! The evening ended after we went to a pub to listen to Irish music.



Final few days

The seventh day at work I started with a new assignment: a Christmas postcard (in my mind I was singing all the Christmas songs 😊). Then I did a Reel about the egg game and in the afternoon a took an Irish class, this language is so different from English but now I can say I know some words. The next few days i dedicated myself to the blog and I made a final reel about my experience and the places I have been to during my stay in Bundoran. I will pack my bag and get ready to go back home !

Day 10 

 This was the departure day… early in the morning we left Bundoran to catch our flight back home, hoping to came back in Ireland soon!


What I’ve learnt…

During my time doing the Erasmus programme in Bundoran I learnt a lot about other cultures, my relationship with my classmates improve a lot, I had an amazing work experience and I saw amazing places that I had never been to before. I learn that going away for a while is good and this experience is by far one of the best journey I’ve ever had and I’m so thankful to the people that made all this possible <3


Check my reel about my Erasmus!


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