Our classes have moved from our school into our student’s homes! Now, you might ask yourself what studying English from home is like and if it would be for you? For this reason, we have written down five benefits of studying online: 


1.) Focusing becomes easier  
One big benefit of studying at home is that you can create the perfect environment for YOUR NEEDS: Whether you like to listen to music while studying, sit on the floor, prefer a darkened room or a bright one, need an open window or the heat turned on fully with a cosy blanket around you…you have the freedom to create your perfect “classroom” now, so make the most of it! 

2.) Interact more during classes 
Online classes can actually make class interactions easier for everyone! Whether you prefer to communicate by writing, video calls or to leave your webcam off during class, most communication tools for meetings such as Zoom or Skype give you the possibility for all three options.


3.) Create a (virtual) study group
Keep in contact with your classmates and help each other out by creating an online study group! It can be as simple as a Whatsapp group where you can exchange photos, text or voice messages or meetings via Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout, etc. they’re all an easy way to keep in touch with your fellow students .


4.) Your self-discipline will increase
You might ask yourself “how am I supposed to have more self-discipline, if I’m in my pyjamas all day?!” and that’s a fair question. But without the commitment to attending a physical school building and the possibilities that come with managing your time more freely, you are reminded why you chose to study in the first place: You do this for you! Whether it is for business or pleasure, you are doing this to increase YOUR knowledge! And it takes a certain amount of self-discipline to open up your laptop and joining your online class instead of sitting down in front of the TV, sure. But every time you take even a few minutes to concentrate on your work, your self-discipline will grow stronger and this is a skill that will help you in all areas of your life! 


5.) It gives you a routine
Being at home all day can quickly have the effect of days blurring into each other. Loosing track of time is a common occurrence for almost everyone these days. Having online classes or regular study groups to look forward to can actually help you greatly with keeping a certain routine going! After all, we humans are creatures of pattern: We usually have (more or less) set meal times, leisure times and preferences for the time of day we like to work out, take a coffee break, etc.  
Daily classes will help you to keep you on track and not get sucked into the hole that is Netflix completely 😉