Meet your teachers…

Neil Hamilton

I’m an English teacher, originally from Banbridge, Northern Ireland. I’ve been teaching English and Art for four years, both in Spain and Ireland. My hobbies include travelling, cooking and painting.



Anita Khan

I am an English teacher from Donegal. I’ve been teaching English for five years and have worked abroad in both France and Spain. I’m a keen linguist who enjoys travelling, cooking and is currently learning to surf. My favourite colour is yellow, and I’m is a self-confessed chocolate addict!


Shannon McBride

I’m an English Teacher from Donegal. After studying Spanish for what felt like forever, I moved to Spain and spent the last few years there trying to speak Spanish and teaching English. I love to travel but weirdly I’m quite scared of flying. My worst travel story comes from Australia where I walked through a spiderweb with a hat on and the spider ended up on my face. Other than that, I love to spend time catching up with friends in between watching the latest Netflix series!