Hello February! We are so happy to see you! In Ireland, January can feel like a long month – it’s still fairly dark, and we all have a touch of the post-christmas blues.  February is great though (especially for me, since it’s my birthday month!) and we start to see signs of spring like longer days and some flowers starting to poke their heads through the soil.

Our topic for February is ‘Arts and Culture’. This makes for some very interesting English language classes, since we have such a variety of nationalities here to learn English in Ireland: Chilean, Brazilian, Bolivian, Syrian, Colombian, Indian, South Korean, French, Spanish, and Andorran. We are all learning a lot from each other, and I’m pretty excited about our guest this month. he is a local author and is going to do a workshop with the students.

IELTS exam preparation continues as usual on a weekly basis.  Many of the students have now booked their exam and have quite specific target levels that they want to/need to reach.

My website recommendation for this month is actually one for the teachers out there –  www.freeed.com. Sign up, and you have free access to load of really good, low-prep resources, and teaching tips as well.  What’s not to like 🙂