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COVID 19 Policy

Pre Arrival Information

Please ensure that you read through all information provided , prior to arrival. If you have any questions,  please ask.

1.       Read the the latest information on travel guidelines here.

2.       Read the frequently asked questions below.

3.       Do the online test before arrival. (adults)

4.       You must complete the ZOOM Video Call Interview/What’s App before arrival. This is a short “one to one” interview , to check your spoken level. We will arrange this around one week before your arrival.  Your class level will be determined by the results of your online written test and oral test (adults)
Once we have determined your level, we will issue you with your class timetable and teachers name.  You will receive your books on your first day at school (for students studying three weeks or longer)

Covid FAQ’s

Are the classes’ face to face teaching?

Yes, our courses are face to face teaching. We are offering 15 hours of contact English face to face per week

The following courses may have an element of blended delivery (i.e. 15 contact hours of face to face plus 5 hours of one to one tuition online):

Exam Intensive – 15 contact hours face to face + 5 contact hours online
Bespoke Business – 15 contact hours face to face + 5 contact hours online
Combination Programme 15 contact hours face to face + 5 contact hours online
Blended delivery courses consist of morning face to face classes taken at DELS in combination with ONLINE afternoon classes where your teacher will be teaching using ZOOM & Google Classroom.

How is DELS ensuring student and staff safety?

Staff and student safety is of the utmost importance to us.  Below are a list of the measures put in place

All students must sanitise their hands on entry to the building.  There are hand sanitisers located throughout the building.

Class times and breaks are staggered to ensure that there is no cross over with students or staff from other classes

Classes and staff are assigned their own toilets to ensure that there is no cross over

Classrooms are cleaned and sanitised at the end of each day. Self-service cleaning stations are positioned in every class to allow students and staff to clean surfaces and touch points, as they feel is necessary

Teachers are assigned to one class group only so as to reduce the risk of contamination.

Where possible doors and windows are left open to maximise ventilation throughout the building and to reduce the need to touch door handles.

For anyone wishing to speak to the office, we ask students to email in advance to arrange an appointment.  There is also a screen between the student and the reception staff

All students must fill in a student health questionnaire before arrival and every Monday morning thereafter during their studies.  You can find the health questionnaire here

What are your accommodation options during Covid?

Students can choose to stay in host family or residential accommodation.  All accommodation adheres to the relevant guidelines.

Are there any extra items that I should bring with me?

Please bring plenty of face masks and hand sanitiser. Face masks are compulsory in the winter period

Please also bring a tablet or laptop with you as we will be providing some online social activities and online materials through google classrooms

Please bring pens and a notebook for classroom

Please also bring a thermometer and some medication should your get a temperature and or cough

Do you have a social activity programme running though Covid?

  Activities will include a range of outdoor activities including cycling, walks, fitness, yoga etc.  Online activities will include baking, quizzes and online classes covering everything from Irish History, Exam preparation to Irish Slang.

What happens if I get Covid?

If you have a temperature and or a cough please do not come to school.  Please follow the following steps:

  • Inform the school
  • Call the doctor immediately and ask for a COVID 19 Test – the consultation and test are free.
  • Inform the school of when you have your test
  • Text your test results to Gina when you receive them – 0876008205.  It is vital that we get the results as we will have to contact trace if your result is positive. During this time, you can attend online classes.

When you get your results:

  • If your result is negative, please only return to school when you are more than 2 days free of the temperature or cough
  • If your test result is positive, please self-isolate for at least 7 days.  Do not return to class until you are symptom free.
  • If you are living with someone who is being tested or has a positive test result, please follow the steps above.

You will be asked to complete the health questionnaire before re-entry to school

Please click on the link for Information on how to get tested

What is the cancellation policy if I cannot attend classes due to Covid 19?

You can cancel your course for any reason up to 21 days before your course start date and receive either a full refund of your tuition fees or a tuition voucher, valid for 1 year.

In the event of that we move to level 4/5 or a whole class quarantine request from public health authorities, your classes will be moved online.

You can read our full terms and conditions here

  • 30+ Years of Experience
  • Expert Tutors
  • 23+ Nationalities
  • Stunning Location