Another month is flying by! Almost every week, we have new students arriving to learn English with us and enjoy the charms of the local area.  We currently have some adult arrivals from Europe, as well as running our first junior Easter camp since the pandemic.  We are so grateful to be able to welcome these groups again, and everyone is enjoying the buzz on campus.


This month has focused on Science and Technology.  This is a topic that is constantly evolving, and using authentic materials keeps our classes up to date with the latest changes – for example, we can read about events that are happening at the moment rather than relying on textbooks which were printed a few years ago.


Over the next month or two, we have a lot of students taking IELTS.  IELTS preparation takes one class per week, but we are flexible.  If a student wants to practice more, they can always talk to their teacher and receive additional tasks for homework.

This month, I’m using a lot! This website has a wide variety of articles about science and technology, and even deals with everyday topics.  There is something here to spark your curiosity, I’m sure. Give it a try and let us know what you learnt!